Born in Soviet Union, live in Italy, photographer now and economist in the past.

From 2011 I live in Milan, firstly for studying photography (graduated at CFP BAUER) and now for family and work. 
After the stage with Paola Di Bello (director of the Photography Department at Brera) and the assistant work with Monica Spezia for two years, I've begun my own way, now specialized in interior design (in collaboration with Photofoyer agency) & advertising campaigns, I love the conceptual photography and the art, I’ve also participated in short courses in directing of artistic films, film-script & sculpture ( 
Sometimes I try to do my best in painting...

You can have a look at my publications in the magazines of interior design.

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Interiors / project for publication / text by Ilaria Herrera
high casa pastel 2_sito_interior food_po

It is a very fresh house, with pastel tones, which is spring and also very female, with a decidedly bohemian style. A house where there is no dish equal to the other, where the chairs, the hangers are all different, unique pieces resulting from a meticulous search. 
There are also many smart and low cost ideas that always like Ikea furniture repainted in the same color of the walls or the doors of a closet restored and adapted to the closet where behind is the laundry corner. 
Pieces of design mix with elements of the past purchased by dealers over the years.

It’s a house that talks about this woman in her 40s, where you can read many of her life stages.

The house is designed by architects of the studio Unduo. 

high casa 2 Ale bongio_sito_interior foo

Interiors / project for publication / Text by Ilaria Herrera

Who knows what the nuns of the cloistered convent who live, with few other families, mostly German, on the tiny San Giulio island must have thought of those bulldozers and workers coming and going for four years in Pella, small “pearl” of one thousand souls faced on the lake d’Orta. Today it would be tough for the Benedictine monks, when scrutinizing the horizon from their cells, to catch sight of this industrial villa which disappears into the vegetation of one of the mountains that embrace the lake. Now, think of opening your eyes in the morning and enjoy, from any spot of the house, a breathtaking landscape where thenature expresses itself with its magni cence.Then think, at night, when the lights illuminate the shore ahead, so close to have the perception of touching them, with a viewthat virtually draws the perimeter of the house. 

lampadine_ale bongio_interior food_portf

A project in which the color black identifies the different spaces, giving them personality thanks to its multiple interpretations.

Modern, elegant, magnetic. The interior designers of all the world agree that black is such a charming color, even if it can be a little  tricky if it is not perfectly calibrated. It doesn’t take much that black might become synonymous of darkness and coldness, a mix that can be considered too much for everyday life.  

It must be said that it would have been difficult to do wrong in this flat because here  the darkness of black itself is counterbalanced by the sweet view of the lake d’Orta, in a spot where if you stretch out your arms it seems like you could caress the small island of San Giulio, a “pearl” almost uninhabitated that has inspired so many artists and writers. 

The house is totally nestled in one of those evergreen mountains that circumnavigate the mirror of water, and thus it can get the light only from the side which looks at the lake through the big windows that stand in for the perimetral walls.

Interiors / project for publication / Text by Ilaria Herrera


of black

high casa Genitori Bongio 2_sito_interio
high casa Velasca 2_sito_interior food_p

Interiors / project for publication / Text by Ilaria Herrera

At the foot of the Velasca Tower in Milan, there is an apartment that makes you want to remain in the city even on the weekends. Thanks to the unique glass veranda living room ceiling it feels like being on a holiday at the sea with the sun and the stars.


The great terrace over the Velasca Tower where is possible to observe the Armando Diaz Square - another point of reference for the citizens of Milan. “We usually spend our nights outside on the terrace, where we can recharge after a long working day – the owner says – The curtains furnish with style but protect our privacy at the same time, while on the top we don’t’ have to worry about prying eyes, because we meet just the stars looking at us”. Few steps away from the “Madonnina” of Milan, the sky is in the room, just lift up your eyes to admire the sun or the stars.

The house is designed by Maurizio Lai of Lai studio.

high Gran Canaria 2_sito_interior food_p

TRAVEL & FOOD / project for publication / Text by Ilaria Herrera


For once we wanted to give a different point of view to these Islands highlighting even the less known spots, going forward the usual seaside seen on the postcards.

Then, what do you usually eat at Canary Islands? Fish of course andmost of all the “vieja” a typical variety that you can nd only in thisarchipelago and that you cook very simply: fried or grilled, with vegetables aside.

But there is another side of the Canary Islands that you don’t expect and that is willing to dare, like the one represented by Chef German Ortega, 2 stars Michelin, that cooked for us two innovative dishes with game.


TRAVEL, FOOD & WINE / project for publication / text by Ilaria Herrera



high Prosecco & Tascaro 2_sito_interior

We’ve been to the Italian areas close to Venice where proseccowine comes to life, especially where you can nd Valdobbiadene and Cartizze, the two most precious kinds, the only ones that can use the title DOCG (Designation of Controlled and Guaranted Origin) on their labels.

Quite curious is the “Osteria without the Host”, so famous because noone attends at the tables. Even paying is self-service and based on a personal bid: you pay as much as you think. Seeing the success and the longevity of this place, this method seems to work greatly.

Nowadays it is too easy find too low quality prosecco bottles, very different from the ones produced on the “hostile” valleys of Valdobbiadene-Conegliano.

What is different between DOC and DOCG. Loris Dall’Acqua, the Great Master of the lobby Confraternita, explain it.

Then we visited a modern “bacaro” a typical venetian bar. This has been opened one year ago in Milan and cooked for us some “cicchetti” a sort of Italian tapas that perfect match with a good glass of prosecco or spritz, another Italian phenomenon of the happy hours all around the world.


A tour into the most precious kind of prosecco wine: the Valdobbiadene and the Cartizze. For the first time the lobby of Valdobiaddene, which unifies all the most important producers of the area close to Venice, opened its doors to a photographer letting her take photos during theinvestiture of a new member of “the Knights of Valdobbiadene”.

This wine, even if it comes from the same grape of prosecco, called “glera”, is totally different from the general prosecco for quality and taste. For this reason they want to give up using the brand prosecco, despite it represents a very strong name internationally. In the article it would be interesting to show the differences between a DOC and a DOCG bottle (Designation of Controlled and Guaranteed Origin).

Prosecco is the most drunk wine in UK and USA and now Brexit and new taxes announced by Donald Trump on imported food and beverage make the producers very worried for the future of this wine. How much will thenal consumers be affected by these policies?

The spread of the spritz cocktail empowered the notoriety of prosecco worldwide. Besides it is interesting for sure to stress all the production itself, the better match on the table with the Italian cuisine, the must-see spots and the itinerary that can be followed when visiting this area in the north of Italy dedicated to the art of wine.

TRAVEL, FOOD & WINE / project for publication / text by Ilaria Herrera



us prosecco

high Chi salva prosecco 2_sito_interior
FOOD / project for publication / Text by Elena Maestro Shlyapina


My son has decided to prepare PAYN PURDYEU for me for the MUM's DAY.


In the world where the lifestyle is to maximize the utility of the products, this recipe is a great solution.

Does anyone have a dry old bread?? Do you want to  throw it into the dustbin? It's not a good idea!

All you need to make your breakfast good and smile are the dry bread, a little bit of milk, one egg and some sugar. 

Once upon a time in Ancient Rome the bread was soaked in milk to be eaten. In the Middle Ages in France was famous "pan purdyeu" served with meat, also in Italy and other European countries. 

The story of this plate is very long and every country has adapted it for its taste. In Japan with the soya sauce, in Spain with the lemon juice and the honey. In Russia this plate is named "grenki" and is used as a simple breakfast food, that is loved by children a lot.

Do you want to make it more healthy? You can use the wholemeal bread, honey o some jam instead of usual bread and sugar. 


Carbohydrates, fats and proteins is a good beginning of the childs day!

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